Confidential Investigative Group, LLC, is a well known, licensed private investigative company, located in Beaufort, South Carolina. This South Carolina Private Investigator firm originated in June of 1991 and serves all of South Carolina. Since then Confidential Investigative Group, LLC, has used their skills throughout South Carolina and has testified in many complex and demanding cases. Our integrity is based on leadership. We stress ethics, persistence, honesty, confidentiality and professionalism.

Jack Geren III

Owner / Lead Investigator

Jack began working as an investigator in Beaufort County, South Carolina in August 2002. He began his tutelage under his father Jack Geren, Jr., who has 45 years of investigative knowledge and experience and has been paramount in shaping the private investigative industry here in South Carolina.

Currently, Jack is the Lead Investigator at Confidential Investigative Group, LLC. He specializes in locating hard to find people, surveillance, document retrieval and manages all day to day activities and his staff. His knowledge, versatility and persistence are key ingredients to the success of Confidential Investigative Group, LLC and its clients.

Jack is also a devoted martial artist. He holds a 2nd degree Black Belt in Chun Kuk Do (The Chuck Norris System), a 2nd degree Black Belt in Zanshindo (Submission Wrestling/ MMA), a Purple Belt in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and has been avidly training and teaching Thaeling Muay Thai (The Art of Eight Limbs) for the past year. Jack, along with his business partners Abe & Brittany Stem, run and operate Beaufort MMA, LLC.